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Dear Tami:

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your professionalism in handling the purchase of my timeshare. You gave me time to consider the purchase without any pressure and you did not mind answering several questions regarding the unit and the Starwood Program. I thank you for your honesty and for taking the time to listen to me. Without any doubt, I would recommend you and your company to any of my friends who might interested in purchasing a timeshare.

Josie B.

Hi Tami,

I just wanted to express my utmost satisfaction for handling my timeshare resale one more time. You made a skeptic seller a believer in your promise to sell my timeshare. I've had a negative experience in the past with another company that took my money to list with them, but never heard from them again.

Thank you so much for all the hard work you spent getting our timeshare sold. You exhibited exceptional professionalism from the beginning and should be made a model for all people in the timeshare sales industry. You were very courteous and quick to respond to all my questions. The advice you provided in setting realistic selling prices were always clearly communicated and given in a timely manner. Most of all, you made me feel like I was your only customer by providing me personal service and dedication above and beyond what I expected.

Thanks again for the wonderful experience. I will definitely be thinking of you for any referrals.

Take care!

Best Regards,
Alan Lustre


I must say, I have been very impressed with your professionalism and promptness. I was a little wary of finding someone to help me sell my timeshare (there are so many "sleazy" characters out there in the industry) but you were always up front, and helped me price my unit correctly to achieve my goal: to sell it promptly.

Thank you.

Christine Pisani

Hi Lisa,

Thank you for your assistance regarding the sale of our Waterside by Spinnaker unit. We appreciate your attention to detail, the way you kept us informed through the transaction period and the timely manner in which the closing was processed. Karina Warner also gave thorough answers to our questions regarding the closing documents and kept us informed throughout the closing. We appreciate your assistance and thank you for the great job.

Ann and Jarkko Marttinen

Karina and Judi,

I want to thank both of you for making this process so seamless. Whenever I had a question both of you were there to answer it, and made this purchase very easy for me. I know that I probably asked the same question a couple of times in different ways, but you guys were patient with me and I really appreciate that. I am looking forward to using the timeshare, and if I know anybody who is interested in a timeshare you guys will definitely get my referral. Thanks,

Lee Sachs

Dear Karina

As you could fully appreciate, when one is not there in the flesh, there would be a natural apprehension in executing this type of business by distance. Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure clear communication at each point in the transaction, so no customer’s question should be treated as trivial, regardless of whether it appears unnecessary.

You have worked well toward making my timeshare purchase a comfortable one and I commend you for your service quality. Thank you very much for your always prompt response and follow-up on all my queries.

I do hope all is well with Judi.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Kind regards
Debbie Souza-Okpofabri

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Thanks for the update.

We are actually at the Wyndham in Daytona this week from an exchange from the Destin property we bought from you earlier this year. We are loving it!

We have nothing but the highest regard for everyone at the Kozlowski team. With us now owning 4 timeshare weeks, it may be a while before we are in the market again (but you never know), but we will be glad to provide your name to friends in the market. Thanks for all your help. You guys have been just great.

Andy Sacks

Hey Karina -

Boy, that was a LONG process but I am thankful that you were there to guide us through it. The check arrived today!

John Hazlett

Dear Karina,

Thanks for the feedback on the transaction. We went ahead and deposited our week for 2007 so we wouldn't lose it, but the 2008 week will be available for the new buyer.

Your team did a great job as usual. I will definitely pass along your information to anyone interested in buying or selling a timeshare. When we are retired in a few years I wouldn't rule out entirely the possibility of ourselves looking for a bargain on the resale market. The one thing I have learned is it is better to get one closer to your home that you intend to use on a regular basis. And give our best to Lisa and thank her for all her work.

Dave & Linda Stufflebean

Dear Karina,

Many thanks to you, Lisa and Jay for making this purchase not only possible but smooth and effortless. We appreciate your courteousness, professionalism and timely updates. We will definitely recommend your services for future purchases or sales.


Julia Hernandez

Dear Karina,

Thanks so much for the update. We are looking forward to receiving the final paperwork and have appreciated your always keeping us up to date throughout the process.

We will definitely refer any interested family or friends to you in future,

Kind regards,

John and Deb Smalley

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I received the check in the mail and I am still a little shocked! It has only been a few weeks since I was talking to Elena about selling my timeshare. I have no idea it would all be done so quickly and painlessly. Thanks you to all the people who made this possible. I was very impressed with your efficiency and timeliness. I have nothing but good to say about your company. Thank you.

Kristine Knudson


Thank you for keeping us up-to-date with the settlement process. It certainly has been a pleasure working with everyone their at the Kozlowski Team/RE MAX. Everyone has been very professional and made us feel very comfortable knowing that we were working with a reputable company.

Should we run into anyone in the near future that needs help buying or selling a timeshare, you can be certain we will refer them to you. We'll let you know when the money arrives next week.

Stephanie Talino

Hi Tami,

It's so lovely to hear from you again.

How fabulous! We have finally closed! I'm so excited! We followed your advice to the letter of the law, and it really paid off for us! You are a legend, and defintely deserve the title 'timeshare specialist' in our book!

Isn't it funny, I feel sad now (even though I'm so happy the timeshare has sold), but there's no excuse to write to you any more. I have really enjoyed our communication, and so appreciate your professionalism. I have felt so out of my depth with this whole transaction, but you have made it so much easier for me.

I wish you and your family every happiness for the future, and we look forward to a trip over to Disney World to get to meet you in person! I hope you get to have your well deserved holiday soon.

God Bless, and take care,
Belinda Dodge

Dear Karina and Natalia:

Your letter could not have come at a better time! With my husband laid off our family income has hit rock bottom. And with four kids, college expenses, medical bills, car repairs, and other costs we have right now, the money is really appreciated.

I am especially impressed that my timeshare was sold with no up-front money or charges. After having previously paid two other companies to try to sell my unit, with no results, I was cautious about not getting into that again. Please do not hesitate to use my letter in your advertising. I was 100% pleased with my sale and was extremely impressed with the professionalism and honesty of everyone I dealt with.

I still have time in the bank and if anyone you know wants these, I can negotiate something. I will miss Vistana but if I ever decide to get a time-share again, I will call you first. :-)

Thanks again.
Kathleen Weaver Elyassaki, M.Ed, MSW

Hi Lisa,

Received Deed. I want to thank you for your help. Everything went great!

I will definitely recommend you to other people. I wish everybody I dealt with was is pleasant as you.

Thank You
Bart Mongiello

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Dear Jay and Judi Kozlowski

I wanted to write and tell you how pleased my husband and I were in dealing with your company Re/Max Properties SW, Inc. during the recent sale of our timeshare. I can’t say enough positives while dealing with several individuals within your organization, including Tami Perez, Karina Warner, and Lisa Ewer. From the time that I called the company and talked with Tami, I really felt that finally we would get some positive results in selling our timeshare. She was so personable, friendly, professional, and honest. Needless to say, with our negative past experiences in dealing with other agencies who just took our money up front and we never hear from them again, Tami had her work cut out for her. She was very detailed about our timeshare information and was really honest and helpful in helping us decide the selling price. Tami knew that we were very anxious in selling our property and really had patience with us asking so many questions, especially due to our prior experience. We appreciated her honesty in the fact of not giving us false hopes that this property would sell right away and may take some time. She kept us well informed and was always very prompt in returning phone calls. What wonderful news when she called to tell us that our timeshare was sold in such a short time frame. During the closing process we also dealt with Lisa Ewer and Karina Warner and they also were so friendly, organized, and helpful with us to complete our paperwork in a timely and correct manner. We felt very comfortable with this whole team completing the closing for our property. In closing, we would highly recommend your agency in helping others sell their timeshare properties.

Peggy and Sylvester Adamski


Excellent, thank you! I appreciate the help from you and Judi. If you ever need a reference, please let me know.

-Sean Coverstone

Thank you, Karina and Lisa. You are both highly professional and efficient. Your responsiveness and helpful manner convinced me to go ahead with my first online real estate purchase and put me at ease during the process. Best wishes to both of you.

Steve Sawyer

Hello All...Good Morning,

My wife told me, the closing check was received on Thursday. I wanted to send this out to thank the Staff at The Kozlowski Team, for the great job you guys did in closing the timeshare sale between the seller and, myself.

You all returned calls quickly, always were professional, & the transaction went perfect. Lisa, Special thanks for everything you did. New Jersey sends its regards. Keep cheering for the NY YANKEES.

I am right now on the beach in Malibu, CA. I am sending this via my new blackberry, so I hope it reaches everyone.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.
God-Bless, Sincerely,

Ron Hansen

Hi Karina,

The funds have been distributed for the transfer of my weeks 9 & 10 at Westgate Vacation Villas.

Hopefully ReMax has received the commission check.

I just wanted to say thank you for your great service. All of the staff was wonderful, they are very cordial, professional and they follow through with whatever is promised. I would certainly recommend ReMax to anyone that needs to sell a timeshare.

Thanks Again.

Roger Christianson
Bismarck, ND

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Hi Karina. Thank you very much for your help. Your agency did a wonderful job. We will keep you in mind for future transactions. Thank again.

Joe Furphy

Judi and Karina,

All the documents from Chicago Title and Hilton have been received by me as of today...Thanks to both of you for your timely and outstanding assistance with this ransaction...

Mark Baerwaldt

Karina, thanks so much for all of your help in dealing with this for me and my family. you made all of the steps so painless and effortless and i cannot tell you how much i appreciate it. especially answering all of the questions that i always had. if i know of anyone looking for a hilton timeshare i will definitely refer them to you and judi. thanks again.

Bobby Wizig

Thank you so much! We can not express how satisfied we are with everything you guys have done. We will definately recommend you to everyone we know that has any timeshare interests. We also will be in touch in a few years when our kids are a little older and we decide to buy a timeshare again. Thanks again!

Lisa Overstreet

Karina, THANK YOU so very much, it was a pain free transaction. You and your staff made it that way. You will hear from us again! Sincerely,


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Karina and Remax Staff, Thanks so much for your help. From start to finish everything was done professionally in a timely manner and was communicatedto us on a regular basis. I would highly recommend you to anyone.

Eddie Gibbons

Judi Kozlowski, and her team did a fine job of handling my timeshare purchase. Communication with the buyer and seller were timely. Service was professional from the purchase to closing. Would highly recommend to anyone wishing to purchase a resale timeshare.

Leif Dahl
Richmond, VA


Thanks for all your help today. I really appreciate the prompt attention and great service your company provided. A special thanks to Tami for all her help to make this possible. She was great--always attentive, courteous and professional. She always communicated with me and I really appreciate that because other companies would never contact you again once you sign up!

Thanks again!
Rebecca Cordero

Judy and Karina:

Be advised that the closing check was received . We returned from our cruise Sunday night. My wife, Claudette and I wish to thank you for handling our timeshare sale professionally. Rest assured that we will recommend your services to friends whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Again, many thanks.
Roger & Claudette Remillard

Hi Judi,

Thank you for handling the sale of our timeshare. I appreciate the quick sale and will recommend you to anyone I know who is considering buying or selling a timeshare.


-Adrian Tabion

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Karina and Re/Max Properties,

Just wanted to say thanks for keeping us updated on the progress of our purchase. I really appreciate it since we purchased the timeshare over the internet, we were of course a little scared that it was too good to be true, and to this point, it is good and true. I have checked with Westgate and everything is just as you said.

Thanks for making it a good experience.

Judy Coeling

Dayton Ohio


Every other timeshare outfit we had ever dealt with insisted on money "up front". The one or two we paid up front did little or nothing for the money. Several of them ended up being investigated and disappearing into the wind. One of them made an offer to buy the property at an insulting low price after it was appraised at a reasonable value by an outfit they recommended (but, of course, that we paid for). I was so thoroughly disgusted with "timeshare resellers" as a group, that I swore that I wouldn't pay one red cent "up front" ever again, no matter how "sweet" the deal sounded. When you folks didn't ask for any money up front, you could have knocked me over with a feather (and I'm one BIG guy)!

You and your husband were a breath of fresh air. He promised to do certain things. He did them. I promised to respond. I did. After the sale closed, the sellers ended up owing us an additional amount (around a hundred dollars I think). You guys said you'd send the additional check and you did so, immediately, as promised. Dealing with you is the way business should be able to be handled. It always used to be that way. Maybe we're on the way back to the days when a person's word was his bond. Your word certainly is my book. Most sincerely and with warmest regard,

Bob Jordan

Thank all you who helped me sell my parents timeshare!!!! Your help was invaluable and compassionate during the transition when I started to take care of my parents needs- both financially and emotionally. It was such a pleasure to do business with your company.

Happiest Holidays!

Suzanne Hanover-Fowler

Good Morning Karina,

The final paperwork from Melanie was in our mailbox when we got home last night. I opened it up and found a pen in the package and figured "Oh no, more papers to sign."But it turns out it was a souvenir pen from the Title Company!! Page 2 of the package was our CHECK!!!!!!!!! Yippee, it was a long hard fought something or other. You and Judi were absolutely fantastic. Thanks for hanging in there and getting this done for us. We really, really appreciate your caring and considerable efforts to bring this sale to its successful completion. Thank you, thank you. We love you both.

Bill and Virginia Niskala


Thank you so much for the great news. You guys have been wonderful to deal with, especially since we are so far away. You have always been prompt in answering any questions we have. We would definitely refer potential clients to your agency. Thanks again for all your assistance!

Lisa and Joe Schulz

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Thank you Cris and Natalia for all your help during this process. Your guidance and input were so reassuring. It was a pleasure doing business with you, and if the opportunity arises again I'll be sure to contact you or refer to you.

Donna Magazine

Dear RE/MAX Properties,

I am one that will make sure management knows if I have a problem. I also strongly believe that when there is outstanding customer service, dedication to duty and above and beyond assistance to clients issues that should be brought to management's attention as well. Cris Smith was the agent that I was referred to by a seller of a timeshare I purchased using an internet timeshare message group. The week before I had started working with another transfer company on another week. At first I thought that since your offices cost a bit more I should have used the first company I started with. Oh I am soooooo glad I paid the LITTLE extra. The service I got from Cris was far superior to that of the other company and Cris in fact got some information I needed for the other company. Talk about ABOVE AND BEYOND!!!!!!!!!! I contacted the broker I was buying the other timeshare from and suggested in the future if that broker wanted to have buyers that are not confused and disillusioned by the timeshare buying process that Broker should use Cris and Remax NOT the other transfer company. Cost is relative and it may have been a very few more dollars working with Cris made the true COST of this purchase close far less than that other place! Working with Cris made my timeshare buying a true pleasure.

She even helped me with the resort in insuring my deeds were expedited so I could make a reservation for use for this summer when I was limited to only one week I could go. My son will have a super duper Birthday/ Summer vacation to tell about when he starts Kindergarten this Fall because of Cris' relentless efforts to help this buyer.

Thank You Cris you as we say in the Military are "A Credit to yourself, your branch office, and the entire RE/MAX Corporation!" And should I ever decide to sell my home or timeshares I will be using RE/MAX because of the exceptional service I received from Cris!

Hollie and Hunter Bethany

Hi Judi. Just a note to thank you for the Vistana check we received today. My mom was here when it came, and I was telling her about you. She asked me what you were like, and I said "She says she'll do it and she gets it done". Throw in sharp, courteous, accurate, friendly, and savvy, and that's a person you want to do business with. I'll be telling people about you, count on it.


Ted and Carol Dziuba

Good afternoon Karina,

I want to thank both you and Judy for the top-notch service you provided.

I've spent over 30 years in the real estate brokerage industry, as an owner/broker for 20 years, including service as the 1990 President of the Connecticut Association of Realtors and seven years as an NAR Director. For the last ten years I have been the CEO of a 6,200 member regional MLS service. During the last 30 years I have had considerable experience in evaluating brokerage services. The service you and Judy provided rates among the best.

Thanks again
Donald A. Hull

Dear Judi,

Thanks for your professionalism in selling our timeshare. We had hired and paid Century 21 Vacation Properties, Inc. of Orlando, Florida $398.00 on December 3, 1998 to sell our timeshare. We did not receive even one phone call from them, not one offer or even a question. I called Century 21 monthly regarding the status and was always told they were trying. Here we thought a big Company, such as Century 21 would be able to sell our timeshare easy.

We wish we had found you two years ago. Judi, with your marketing and expertise our timeshare sold in less than a week. We had offers and received a much higher price than we would have with Century 21 and there wasn't an appraisal charge.

We cannot thank you enough. May you be blessed with much success.

Sheryl & Ted Bartelmey

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Dear Natalia,

Thank you very much for your persistence with trying to sell our timeshare. Everyone that we have had dealings with in connection with trying to sell it has only sought to take advantage of us. It is nice to work with someone who is honest and understanding. Please maintain these standards which will benefit you much more in the long run.

... I will recommend you and Judi if I come in contact with someone who has an nterest in a timeshare purchase.

Thanks again very much for your help! Sincerely,

Patrick Price.

To Whom It May Concern:

We just want you to know that Natalia Parrish was very nice to deal with. She was the only one that took an interest in selling our timeshare.

Raymond & Virsel McKinney

Dear Judi,

Thank you so much for your efforts in selling our timeshare. I now understand that timeshares are not easy to resell, but as per usual we learn most things the hard way. WE really appreciate all your work in making the sale and your courtesy when talking with you on the phone. You were always considerate when I called to check on the situation and always ready to explain where things stood in respect to a prospective sale.

It has been a joy talking with you and it would be a pleasure to meet you personally. Respectfully yours,

Hobert and Annie Fulford


Thank you for everything

Gene & Joan D'Arezzo

Dear Judi,

Just wanted to say thanks for helping us out of a sticky situation. We feel very happy about our decision to buy from you. We hope to have a long relationship with your company as we recommend our friends to you. We were thrilled when we went to see the resort. We feel we made a good and more economical decision—without six hours of pressure. Thank you for not making us feel like a bunch of dummies!

Tom & June Bennett

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Dear Judy,

Thanks so much for handling this transaction so professionally. It's just great of you to offer your own unit for us to stay in the Thanksgiving week.

Your friend,
Michael Lipensky

Dear Natalia,

Thank you for the terrific job you did handling the sale of our timeshare. When we contacted you and advised that we wanted to have it sold immediately, you came through for us. Your patience, understanding and professionalism is a rarity in today's business market. Thank you for ALWAYS returning our phone calls and responding to our emails. Not only did you return calls, but you never failed to follow up about our inquiries and have an answer for us.

You are a credit and an asset to the company you work for. Keep up the great job you are doing.

Thank you again for everything.


Richard & Marie Coop

Just wanted to say thank you for making our vacation work out for the best. You went beyond the call as a realtor and we really appreciate it.

Thank you again.

Kelli Didonna


You've been very kind and informative... especially considering the fact that I'm a complete stranger to you. Your clients have a special gift in you .. for certain.

We will take your advise and hold on to our timeshare. We will try to rent it the years we won't be utilizing it. Hopefully, we'll find some usefulness in owning a floating week of a 2 bedroom 2 bath condo in the world's most visited vacation area.

I will also keep your name and information. If indeed, it comes time to sell our timeshare, it would be our pleasure for you to handle the transaction. My best regards,

Michael Justinger

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