Hilton Questions & Answers

When can I make a home week reservation?

Your priority Home Week reservation begins one year (365 days) prior to the start of your resort’s designated check-in day and up to nine months (276 days) prior to your preferred check-in date.


When can I make reservations at a different resort than my Home resort?

Make reservations from nine months (276 days) before your preferred check-out day to one day before check-in.


Is there a minimum night stay?

There is a Three-night minimum stay using Club Points.


What if my travel needs are spontaneous?

Consider Open Season reservations using cash at Club affiliated resorts and RCI resorts. This allows reservations starting 30 days before your checkout date and up to one day before your check-in date.


What is an Event Week?

A period of seven consecutive nights, during specific peak travel times, when Club Members owning intervals during these times have guaranteed reservation privileges.


Will I be able to make reservations online or check my points?

Yes go to hgvclub.com or myhiltonclub.com.


Are there annual fees associated with the Hilton Grand Vacation Club?

There are annual club dues that vary by year. Please contact us for the current rates.


Can I make a Guest Reservation?

Members may obtain Guest Confirmations by contacting the Club or through hgvclub.com and providing the guest name and address at least 48 hours prior to guest check-in.


Can I use the Resort amenities at any time?

Members and their guests may not use resort property benefits or services except during a confirmed stay.


Will there be additional charges while staying at a resort?

Some resorts may require additional fees for the use of certain amenities, housekeeping services, utilities and facilities.